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Glass Haze Meter for Glass Haze and Transmittance Measurement

Others | 2018-08-10 18:29:27

glass haze meter 1

Haze and transmittance are two very important parameters for sun glasses. How to choose a suitable haze meter? BYK, MRCL or others, the price is very high to afford. CHNSpec designed haze meter CS-700 with cheaper cost so more customer could afford it and its test result is close to the brand model. Today, we will introduce how to measure glass haze and transmittance.

How to measure sun glasses haze and transmittance by haze meter?

Step 1. Prepare the glasses and haze meter.

glass haze meter 2


Step 2.Calibrate the haze meter

glass haze meter 3

0% Calibration

glass haze meter 4

100% Calibration

Step 3.Haze Meter Parameter, standard and tolerance setup

1. Choose ‘Measure Setup-Parameter”, we can choose “Haze”, “Transmittance” or “Haze + Transmittance”. We choose “Haze + Tran”.

glass haze meter 5

Parameter Setup

2. Choose “Measure Setup-Reference”, we can choose measurement standard “ASTM” or “ISO”. We choose ASTM this time.

glass haze meter 6

Standard Setup

3. Choose ‘Measure Setup-Tolerance”, we can set the tolerance according to different samples.

glass haze meter 7

Tolerance Setup

Step 4.Go back to test interface, put the sample on test aperture, press “test”, we can see the test result directly on screen.

glass haze meter 8

Haze meter made by CHNSpec is a very good choice for measuring glass haze and transmittance. Instrument has passed the assessment of CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment). Any interest, welcome to contact us.

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