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Transmittance Spectrophotometer for Detergent Color Measurement

Chemical Industry | 2017-08-14 17:13:18
Color measuring meter CS-810 is designed for measuring the liquid transmission, color and other parameters. In addition to measuring the liquid transmission, the instrument also measure APHA / Pt-Co and Gardner color for resins, solvents, acids, perfumes and varnishes; Saybolt color for gasoline, white oil, kerosene, lubricating oil and paraffin oil.Now we will introduce how to measure detergent Lab value and delta E value with Color measuring meter CS-801.
color measuring meter
Step 1.Prepare the samples. Colors of the samples on the left are different. However, for the samples on the right, we can not tell the color difference by visual. Now we test them by color measuring meter.
color measuring meter

Step 2.Connect the instrument with PC, turn on and then calibrate.Open the testing chamber cover.

color measuring meter

Step 3.Put the target into the testing chamber. After measurement, we can get its color value. Same method for measuring the sample.We can see the Delta E value of the two samples is 0.26.

color measuring meter

Step 4. Follow the above step to measure the left samples color difference. The delta E value is 0.59.

According to the value, we can see the Lab and delta E value for the samples. Our color measuring meter will help to control the color quality for detergent and improve the production efficiency.

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