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Colour Measuring Instruments for Tombar Thite Color Measurement

Chemical Industry | 2017-08-03 18:58:46

Nowadays more and more enterprise pays attention on color difference of rare earth.The visual method will be too subjective and not accurate, so most companies are more inclined to use color spectrophotometer.Today we use our CS-800 colour measuring instrument to tell you how to measure the color of rare earth.

colour measuring instruments 1

CS-800 colour measuring instrument adopts D/8 illumination observation geometry and its testing caliber is upward which is more convenient to measure solid materials, pellets, powder materials and pasty materials.

Solid samples (steel plate, clothes) could be put on the testing caliber directly. Pellets (tablets, color master batches), powders(pigments, coffee) and pasty materials (tomato source) can be put in cuvette and then put on the testing caliber.

colour measuring instruments 2

Step 1. Prepare the target and testing samples. Weight the samples by electronic balance with equal weight, to prevent the measurement error caused by different weights(as shows in figure).

colour measuring instruments 3

Step 2.Turn on the colour measuring instruments CS-800 and then calibrate it (as show in figure).

colour measuring instruments 4

Step 3.Press the rare earth into pellet by jack. Because powder rare earth will cause light-leaking situation. Pressing into pellets will avoid the measurement error.

colour measuring instruments 5

Step 4. After calibration, press “cancel” to exit and then put target sample on the testing caliber, then press “test”, after hearing the sound of “beep”, we could see the target sample testing result on the screen.

colour measuring instruments 6

Step 5. After the standard measurement is completed, press the "Menu" button, you can enter the standard sample under the "sample measurement" interface. Put the testing sample on the testing caliber, press “test” for measurement, after hearing the sound of “beep” we could see the testing result.

colour measuring instruments

According to the testing result, customer could see the color value of rare earth directly, and color difference value is also on the screen. Comparing with visual method, spectrophotometer has the advantage of objectivity, simple and fast operation, high repeat ability,time saving, labor cost saving and improves efficiency.

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