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Spectrophotometer for Painted Metal Color Measurement

Paint Industry | 2017-08-14 14:48:11
Painted metal are very important accessories. They play an important role in different kinds of industries. In the metal coating process, due to materials, equipment, tools, environmental and other reasons, painted metal parts (Figure 1) will have color differences. For high-demand enterprises, which need to abandon the visual method, need to find accurate measurement methods to monitor the quality of painted metal parts.
One painted metal parts factory wants to control the color quality for their products. So they want to use the spectrophotometer made by CHNSpec Technology for color measurement of the painted metal parts.

Because of the particularity of the painted metal parts, CIELAB color difference formula widely used in general industry is not suitable for it, so it is recommended to use the color difference formula to evaluate the chromatic aberration of painted metal parts.

Color difference formula that revise on the basis of JPC79 formula is proposed by F.J.J.Clark, R. McDonald and B. Rigg in 1984. It overcomes the default.The color difference formula was proposed by FJJClark, R. McDonald and B. Rigg in 1984 based on the modification of the JPC79 formula, which overcomes the difference between the calculated value of the JPC79 in the neutral color region of the dark color and the visual evaluation result. And further they introduced the lightness weighting factor and the chroma weighting factor to meet the needs of different applications. This formula is recommended by the SDC (the Society of Dyers and Colourists) of the Society of Dyers and CMC(Color Measurement Committee) and has a color difference expression of


are the chromaticity parameter of the standard color sample.

The first spectrophotometer in China is made by CHNSpec Tech. Its adopts multi high technology and with color difference formula of CMC(1:1) and CMC(2:1) to meet the color measurement requirement of painted metal parts.

Now we will introduce how to use our spectrophotometer to measure the color of painted metal parts.The first step: Turn on the instrument and set parameter and formula. Then calibrate the instrument.

The Second Step: After calibration, press “print” to camera view the testing area. Put the target sample under the instrument and make sure no light will enter into the instrument. Press “test”, after hearing the sound of “beep” we could see the testing result.
The Third Step: After we finish the target sample color measurement, press “menu” and then enter into the sample measurement interface. Put the sample under the instrument. Press “test”, after hearing the sound of “beep”, we could see the testing result.

After the test is finished, we could see the value directly on the screen. Our customer is satisfied with the testing result and buys our spectrophotometer. I believe with the help of our instrument, customer’s product color quality will improved a lot.

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