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Spectrophotometer for Master Batches Color Measurement

Plastic Industry | 2017-08-03 19:33:53

Color master batches is a kind of plastic colorant that mainly composed by pigment or additive and thermoplastic resin. Pigment + carrier + additive = color master batch. Color master batches are similar to resin pellets. Because the effect of light source and visual difference, we can not tell the exact color value of master batches by visual method. We use spectrophotometer to simulate human eye retina and values in coordinates to represent color.

Today we will introduce how to measure the color difference of master batches with spectrophotometer. Because it is pellet shape,CS-820 is with 4 kinds of testing caliber and the largest caliber is 25.4mm. So we will use bench top spectrophotometer CS-820 for master batches color measurement.

pigment spectrophotometer

Measurement steps as follows:

1.Prepare the samples. (as show in figure)

pigment spectrophotometer

2. Calibrate the instrument.

pigment spectrophotometercolor measurement system

3. After calibration, press “cancel” to exit. And then put the sample on the testing caliber. We will test with yellow mater batches. (Note: the pellet space between master batches is large, so the cuvette should be full of it and the cuvette should be closely put on the testing caliber to make sure no light will enter into the instrument.) And then test the sample. We will repeat the measurement for 3 times to check the repeatability.

color measurement system

According to the above the steps, we will get the L,A,B value of the color master batches and color difference value could also been seen. The following are the values we get from our bench top spectrophotometer.

colorimeter spectrophotometer

4. We will use the same method to measure sample two and repeat for 3 times. Then we will get the color difference value between sample 1 and sample 2.

colorimeter spectrophotometer

Bench top spectrophotometer will solve the problem for color measurement of master batches. Comparing with colorimeter and portable spectrophotometer, its testing accuracy is higher. If you need more information for the measurement or inquiry, please do not hesitate to call us.

Spectrophotometer for Plastic Pellet Color Measurement