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Plastic Color Spectrophotometer for Cable Shell Color Measurement

Plastic Industry | 2018-08-24 20:08:41

Recently, we have received customer’s inquiry for measuring color of cable shell. The cable shell should be electrically insulated. It can ensure that the transmitted current or electromagnetic wave or light wave travels only along the wire without flowing to the outside. The most commonly seen cable shell is made by PVC, PE, XLPE,etc. The cable shell also belongs to plastic.

Cable Shell

Today we will introduce how to measure its color with our Plastic Color Spectrophotometer CS-580.

Step 1. Prepare the spectrophotometer and cable shell samples. The customer is making the cable shell into sheet, then measure its color.

If the customer can not make the plastic sheet, we can also measure the cable shell directly. If the cable diameter is large, we can put spectrophotometer on it to measure. If the cable diameter is small, it will need to be wind on a flat plate then measure. The surface should be smooth. Please refer to the following picture.

Step 2. Switch on the spectrophotometer, after calibration we can measure the sample. After measurement, we can see the test result directly on instrument screen.

Plastic Color Measurement Spectrophotometer